The brand story

Why we exist?

Established in 1983, Confeitaria Carlos Gonçalves has been successfully gaining market share in the portuguese consumers with high quality cookies.

This success reinforced the desire to grow and develop new projects, challenges that expanded new horizons, new images and new target audiences.

From that desire, Biscland was born ...

Why Biscland?

With the primary goal of creating a brand, equally readable and understoodable around the world, we've put together the imaginary, hand in hand with biscuits land (biscuits + land), the new brand is born: Biscland.

Our mission?

Contributing every day with sweet
and happy moments to all families.

Our vision?

Reach all families
in the world.

Our values?

We believe in reliability, originality, innovation, know-how and quality of our products.

The brand story

Where all biscuits come from